LongSlow Bakery

The story of a bakery in the making

Born in France I always took bread for granted. It is everywhere and you are never very far from a bakery. After studying and getting a degree in electronic I eventually got a job for a multinational Swedish telecom company.

I started travelling as part of my job. I travelled to many countries and realised that not every place is equal when it comes to bread. Some had very good bread like Germany. Sweden also has some good rye bread.

I eventually relocated to the UK, to be closer to the person who would become my wife, and found out that what was called bread there was not exactly what I would call bread. After a few years we moved to Quebec in Canada. By then I was used to not being too fussy about my bread.

I had tried to make my own bread at home but to be honest it was quite often even worse than supermarket bread.

Fast forward 10 years and in 2013 I was given a recipe by a friend who guaranteed me it would make a great bread. And it did. For the first time I had made a bread that was way better than any I had eaten over the last 15 years!

Mid 2014 after 20 years with the same company and 11 years in Canada, we decided that it was time for a change of scenery and more importantly a change in our life. I resigned from my job and we moved back to UK with the idea of opening something related to tourism. We are still working on that!

I love making bread and I want to share what I make with others. In November 2014 my wife booked me on an intensive course with Andrew Whitley. During one week we baked all types of bread and also discussed a lot about the creation of a micro bakery.

At the end of that week it was clear to me that I really wanted to open a microbakery. My dream has now been realised and Longslow Bakery was born. I am based in Longslow, near Market Drayton in Shropshire.