Welcome to your local bakery

Feel free to browse and add whatever you fancy to the basket. Once you are happy with your order just click on the basket in the menu at the top.

Once your order is received please allow 36 hours before delivery. This seems like a long time but you will be rewarded with a bread that is full of flavour that only the long fermentation process can deliver.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is the King of Bread. It only contains flour, water and salt. This is all you need to do a Sourdough bread.
Well you also need time. Time to let the dough develop its flavour.
If you never had Sourdough bread before, you will find the taste to be very different than the bread you are used to.
Sourdough bread have the great advantage that they will keep fresher for a couple more days compared to bread made with yeast.

Yeasted Bread

The bread in that section are made with fresh yeast (less than 1% of the total weight of the flour). Very little yeast because instead we allow time to perform its magic.
Our bread are never rushed!

Sandwich Loaf




Cheese bread



Bread is good but sometime you need a treat
Here you will find what you need to please every one. Whether it is a croissant or a small brioche (with or without chocolate)...



Brioche buns