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Pastry Baking Class

Last Saturday I gave my first Pastry baking course at the Dorothy Clive Garden. I had already given a few Bread Baking classes so we thought that something new was in order!

It was a fun day and the 7 "students" left with lots of croissants, pain au chocolat and someone was even brave enough to make some pain au raisins.

During the day we went through all the different steps of making a laminated dough. From folding the butter into a dough I had made the night before for each student to bashing some butter and showing the different ways a laminated dough can be used.

So the first step was to wrap a slab of butter in the dough to do some folding to create the layers that are the trademark of a successful croissant.

Rolling the dough Double Tour

While the dough was relaxing in the fridge between each folding, we made a dough from scratch that everyone took home with them ready to make a new batch of croissants the next day in their own house.

Once this was done it was time for a nice lunch. Food at the Dorothy Clive Garden is REALLY good. We had soup that was accompanied with some foccacia and cheese bread I made in the morning before the class.

It was followed by some free time which is just perfect for a walk around the garden.

Dorothy Clive Garden waterfall Dorothy Clive Garden flowers

After that things accelerated. Everybody decided that of course they would make some croissants but making pain au chocolat was also popular. One student wanted to make some pain aux raisins which can be challenging when time is short.  Still I think she did a great job considering that the dough was getting warm when it was cut into slices.

shaping croissants croissants croissants croissants pain au raisin


pain au chocolat croissant layers croissant pain au chocolat pain au raisin

As I said it was a great day and the atmosphere was really friendly with everyone wanting to be useful even insisting to do the washing up!

Thanks everyone for a great day!

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A Telecom Engineer that worked with the latest and greatest technology
who decided to become an apprentice baker learning one of the most ancient art: Baking bread



#1 Maggie :

How amazing that you are baking in Longslow perfect venue. I live just up the road in Adderley and have been making sourdough for years. I recently went on a course at E5 in London and have just about perfected ciabatta as well as their long fermented Hackney Wild. It would be great to meet up and talk bread.

#2 Philippe :

Hello Maggie,
So sorry for the very late answer. My system for some reason did not inform me about the message.

I would be great to meet you at some some point.

#3 Jana Jacobson :

So excited to see your bakes and have been told wonderful things about your breads from the Country Market in Drayton.

I wonder if you've had any experience with gluten free pastry. I make my own mix, but find gluten free puff pastry a challenge as it dries out so fast. Any advice?

#4 Philippe :

Hello Jana,

I am glad you like it :)

I am afraid I have no experience with gluten free bread or pastry. My bakery is very small and it would be virtually impossible to make a guaranteed gluten free bread.

The few attempts I made at gluten free bread where let's say not very successful. Yeah...alright they were a total failure :D

#5 Jana Jacobson :

Hi Philippe,

Can you let me know if you are still running baking classes? If so, how much do you charge per session?
Kind regards

#6 Philippe :

Yes I do offer baking class. The class I do is for 2 people and I charge £70 for the class. I will come to your house and provide all the ingredients and recipes.

You can choose 2 product that we will make during the day.

I also still do from time to time baking class at the Dorothy Clive Garden. As a matter of fact I am doing one tomorrow (20/10/18) where I will teach how to make croissant and French white loaf from scratch.
They still have some places so if you fancy it then please get in touch with them.

#7 Sandra Redrup :

Hello , I met you at Harper Adams Potato Show . We bought croissants to eat straight away , more to take home and walnut bread- all delicious.
I understand you are based in Market Drayton - a bit of a trick for us but we could make a day of it. Could you tell me when and where your bread is available and should I pre order before visiting?
Kind regards
Sandra Redrup

#8 Philippe :

Hello Sandra,
I will send you an email. Thank you for coming to the Potato Day. it's always a great day there!

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